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Therian Thoughts

A community for therians to speak out!

Therian Thoughts - A Place of Support
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Therians. Totemists. Animal People.

So many different titles, so many different experiences. A myriad of emotions connected by one thread: a deep connection, in some way or another, with animals.

The kingdom of animals has mystified and captivated the human mind for longer than written record can recall. There are centuries of mysteries and meanings behind each shining feather and strand of fur that sometimes bring special meanings to our lives.

This can take on many different forms. Some people believe they share the spirit of an animal. Some have an animal counterpart as a guide. Others see a part of their mind - their conscience, if you will - as best represented by the form of an animal. It may be religious, spiritual, or something that just "works" for a person. (We do, however, draw the line at beastiality.)

This community attempts to help, not hinder, an individual's search for understanding. Therianism and daemons are just titles - look instead for the meaning. We are not here to tell you what you are or are not - only you may decide that. However, we are here to present you with information and personal experiences that may or may not help you in your own path. Originally a group for therians to find their way, therianthoughts is a place to gather and discuss.

Basic community rules apply here: lj-cuts are nice, basic knowledge of grammar and netiquette a plus. If you don't want to be critiqued, say so, or keep it friends-locked. Use common sense; problems will be handled as they arise, and we don't take kindly to trolls.

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

But perhaps, in our case, it's the other way around.

If your journal is brand new, empty, or includes questionable interests, your request to join may be denied. Feel free to inquire if you have any questions.

We have members of all ages here, so please keep all discussions appropriate for ALL age ranges. Anything inappropriate will be removed and anything rude, insulting and malicious COULD result in your loss of posting privileges.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact a mod.


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