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17 June 2011 @ 12:44 pm
It became evident to me from the start that there was something equine and cervine to me. For equine, my three-toed phantom hooves immediately sent me down the path of the ancestors of the modern day horses; however I had looked afar for a deer species that I was, but everywhere I looked I could only find something within myself at every deer I came across. I am certain still questioning cervine cladotheiathropy and attempting to pinpoint a prehistoric horse species; however in my search I attempted to learn more about cladotherianthropy only to find information sparse at best.

Due to the absence of information beyond a line or two definition of cladotherianhropy, I have taken to writing an essay about the term. At this point in time, I have combed through the Awareness forums, a inactive but one of the oldest still standing forums and have found the name of the person who created the term many years before and their reasoning behind the naming of it. However, I have little else information to work with and I would like personal impute from others to what other information I can contribute into the essay.

So, if I may ask what are our thoughts on cladotherianthropy? What has been your experience with people who identify as cladotherians? What ranks of biological classification or similar do you personally find more acceptable for a possible cladotherian to identify as? (Only genus grouping or family grouping, or would a larger grouping still be acceptable?) When would you feel that someone should better identity as a polymorph/plushier (on with no specific theriotype at all) rather than a cladotherian? What other thoughts and concerns might you have with such a term like cladotherianthropy?

I would very much obliged for any of your thoughts.

- Pantairin
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mexwerewolfmexwerewolf on June 17th, 2011 07:33 pm (UTC)
When I was reading your post, I had no idea (not even a vague idea) of what Cladotherianthropy is. So I look it up and read the first definition google found.

So.. your answers:

My thoughts on cladotherianthropy is that for most therians it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact species we are. I think I am a grey wolf therian but I could never be 100% sure if maybe I am a mexican wolf or some other wolf species. So maybe for some, it is just very difficult to pinpoint a species too so they identify with the family instead. I think cladotherianthropy is probably more common that one thinks and probably many therians, pressured to choose a species, select the one that likes the most within a family.

No experience, I have never talked to a therian that identifies himself/herself as a cladotherian.

I really don't know. It all depends on how vague your emotions, behaviors are that allow you to pinpoint what you are.

I think a polymorph has identified all his/her species, while the cladotherian has not.

I think that this term among many others doesn't deserve to be resurrected (sounds like it was dead already from your first paragraph). I think this impulse to try to categorize the therian experience is just irrelevant (at least to me it is). Specially since it is so difficult to realize one is a therian, to identify your animal within, that it would be very easy for someone to misidentify someone as a cladotherian when it is just a therian struggling to identify himself.
House of Chimeras: Pantairin - Brown Paperhouseofchimeras on June 18th, 2011 12:42 am (UTC)
My apology I forgot to add a definition into my original entry.

The primary reason I have grown to possibly identity as a cladotherian is that with every deer species I looked into I only. It became ludicrous after having thought for a short while I was a proto-horse, sika deer, reindeer, and Eld’s deer before I thought enough as enough. My shifts and dreams reflect this many different deer species conclusion.

I have met a small number of people who identify as cladotherians, so the label is hardly dead, simply not used often by people despite it being listed often among lists of common terms (similar to the label contherianthropy).

- Pantairin
aethyriek on June 18th, 2011 12:18 am (UTC)
I remember some essays from way back about cladotherianthropy that might still be on the Internet Archive. I'll try to dig them up when I get a moment. (Likewise, to answering questions.) (: Good luck with your search.
Sonne Spiritwind: obscuritysonne_windsoul on June 18th, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)
I'll try to give more of a comment on this later, but I did want to let you know that I gathered enough thoughts together about cladotherianthropy that I decided to just type them out in what will essentially be a relatively 'short' essay (maybe just short compared to my essays; it's about two and half pages right now and I may add another one or two pages, I think). I had previously written a short critique on the cladotherian term within another essay I wrote about critiquing a few of the 'types of therianthropy' terms, but decided I had more to say on the topic.

Cladotherianthropy, as a concept, also intrigues me because I do truthfully believe that some people experience one or more of their theriotypes in a manner that is not specific to a species for the theriotype--that the 'type can encompass, per se, a grouping larger than species, a clade (as the name was derived from). Plus, although I don't refer to myself as a cladotherian, I do think that my mongoose theriotype could quite possibly fit some interpretation of the cladotherianthropy term, so I can empathize with the cladotherian concept.

And I look forward to reading an essay from you about this subject; I'm intrigued =).